Fundraising Initiatives!


Boston Pizza Operation Education

DO YOU EAT AT BOSTON PIZZA? Did you know that is like printing money for our school? All you have to do is send your receipts to the school with your kiddo to take to the office. Boston Pizza will give our school 5%. This can be any BPs in Northern Alberta! Take your hockey team out for dinner and bring the school your receipt! If you have any receipts floating around, please send to the school. This is an ongoing fundraiser for our school so keep sending them in. Thank you for helping us make more money for our school. Thank you Boston Pizza for Operation Education!


Save On Foods (Wye Road)

Send your receipts from the Wye Road Save On Foods to the school with you student. Your student will deliver the receipts to the office and the Fundraising Society will submit them. Wye Road Save on Foods donates 20% back to Wes Hosford. What an amazing way to support your school by doing something you do anyway and support a local Grocery Store in the process. 


Skip the Depot

Skip the Depot will allow everyone to donate directly to our organization with ease. A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than 1,2,3.

  1. Download the app and book a pickup using
  2. Place your bags of bottles outside
  3. Receive refund and donate to us!


Mabels Labels

Order those amazing labels for all your students items. Worth every penny as your students items will find their way back to them! They can also go through the laundry and the dishwasher. 

1.  Visit:  Mabels Labels

2. Enter "Wes Hosford" in the search bar.

3. Shop away and a percentage or your purchase will go back to the Fundraising Society for the school.