Our Indigenous Learnings

Students from Grade 4 have created videos based on teachings from Elder Wilson. They have been beautifully illustrated by Grade 3 students. As you walk through our forest, you can find links to these. Look for the signs with qr codes.

  1. Winter Activities by Leah and Brooke
  2. Using the Sun to Tell Time by Rylan, Sullivan and Ween
  3. Winter and Reading Nature by Kai
  4. Hides by Madsen
  5. Using Plants by Calleigh
  6. Making Tea by Taye and Carter
  7. Instruments by Kade, Dax and Ty
  8. Northern Lights by Amber and Kaden
  9. How Was Math Taught
  10. Respect for Animals by Caylee, Alyna and Isla
  11. The Most Important Animal
  12. Math Games and Counting by Jake C. and Jonah
  13. Indigenous Clothes by Emily, Logan and Wayland
  14. Keeping Warm in Winter by Layla


Imagine a Canada!

Imagine a Canada!


To those who did right,

we did wrong.

To those who helped,

we disrespected.

The wounds of others have not yet healed.

We have still not yet chosen the better path.

They taught us most of what we know now.

And instead of thanking them

we overpowered them.

Apologies are not enough for the terrible things we did.

But friendship is still possible.

We must trust each other to come together.

Then there will be growth, kindness and most 

importantly, peace,

for all people everywhere!

- by Finn, 3E