What is Makerspace?

Students from Grades 1-6 will visit our Makerspace each week.  They will build, engineer and create different projects within this time that allow them opportunities to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions.  A makerspace can help students acquire the skills needed for the 21st century.


Pixel Art

You can use Google Sheets to create pixel art. Click on the 'magic box' to select all cells and size the columns by putting your cursor over top of the column letters. It should turn into a double arrow. Slide the column line until it is the width you want, then let release your cursor. Click in the cells and choose the Fill Tool (paintcan) to colour. You can customize colours by clicking on customize. You can select several cells at once by holding down the Control key as you select.


Another way to make pixel art is to use the site: and clicking on the 'Start Drawing' button.